In this episode, we go to church, because after a week of debauchery, we need to find Jesus.

And before you grab the one you love (or the one you’re with, or even a group – I don’t judge), some booze, and a few snacks, let me remind you that the epicness you are about to expose yourself to is NOT intended for kids, prudes, or whiny little bitches! And if you fall into all three categories, what the hell are you even doing on the internet?

This first season of Under The Influence is dedicated to my incredible wife Kate. She is awesome and talented in every way and I probably wouldn’t be doing this podcast if it wasn’t for her constantly encouraging me to do it.

Fun Fact About The Show The opening and closing music is actually the same music I used for my very first podcast back in 2005 (Lighthouse Rocks). We have a tradition where we take something from an older project and bring it into the new project. The music is by Backhander, a metal band who disbanded shortly after this song was recorded, but a couple of the members formed a new band called Grand Rezerva. If you like AC/DC and The Cult, go check ’em out, they’re really, really good.

Under The Influence is written and directed by Phil Bowyer Open and Close Narration by Kate BowyerProduced by BoozeHound EntertainmentRecorded in the Speakeasy Studios

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