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One Ply (S1 E4 – Season Finale)

Hey, this week we tackle having to use one ply. And before you grab the one you love (or the one you’re with, or even a group – I...

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Uphill, Both Ways (S1 E3)

This week we take a break from the debauchery and take a trip down memory lane – uphill, both ways. — And before you grab the one you love...

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Forgive Me Father For I Have Sinned

In this episode, we go to church, because after a week of debauchery, we need to find Jesus. And before you grab the one you love (or the one...

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That’s What She Said (S1 E1)

Welcome to the inaugural episode of Under The Influence. This is a podcast that has been in the making for probably close to five years. The idea for it...

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Offensively Revolutionary (S1 E0)

You’ve heard my world-famous GiggleShots for months now on Tik Tok and Instagram, but I must warn you, those have not prepared you for what my new comedy podcast,...

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